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Subzero Ice fishing Derby



Take part in our very first edition on February 23 at the fishing center of St-André D'Argenteuil

The highest payout ice fishing tournament in Canada with more than 50,000$ in cash and door prizes !

More details to come, stay tuned !


Poster Anglais



1. For security and transparency reasons, the St-André d’Argenteuil ice fishing center will be closed on February 22nd, 2019. Therefore no access will be allowed to the ice as well as the ice huts.

2. The whole site will be under private surveillance day and night only teams entitled to event organization will be allowed on the site that day.

3. Doors will open starting at 5:00 AM for registration at the main entrance; you must have your ticket in hand, fishing permit as well as proper ID.

4. After your registration at main entrance, you must meet at the check zone for a vehicle inspection which will be done by an entitled team.

5. Then you will be allowed to access the site; our team will show you the location of your ice hut if needed.

6. Tournament begins at 8:00 AM, you can prepare your equipment, hut, light your heat stove etc.

7. No hole in the ice can be dug before departure signal at 8:00 AM; Should you do not respect departure signal, you will be automatically disqualified.

8. Start signal will ring at 8:00 AM EST and at 3:30 PM to announce the end of tournament.

9. Two registration weight stations will be clearly indicated at the main tent (canape) and the other located at the extremity of the central village.

10. For any category of eligible fish, as pike, bass, black crappie, no dead fish will be allowed at weight station.

11. It is mandatory, for all species, to put them back to the water; reanimation tubs will be available at each weight station to oxygen your catch before photo shoots.

12. You must have for your catches transportation a bucket or a cooler filled with water.

13. You must register your catch at the moment of its capture no in ground tub is not permitted.

14. The use of live minnows is strictly forbidden in virtue of the MFFP Qc law.

15. Each participant is responsible of his equipment and his security.

16. You must keep area clean and pick up your garbage at your departure.

17. No lost ticket will be reimburse. Weather condition is not a reimbursement factor, tournament will be held anyhow.

18. Any breaking of the rules will result in disqualification.

19. All organizers will keep the right at all times to change the formula before or during the tournament if needed.

20. Regulation of MFFP for zone 8 is applicable, 10 lines maximum at all times.

21. Remind that all fish of any specie must be put back to the water.

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