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Quebec is a wonderland for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. With gigantic forests, thousands of lakes, breathtaking rivers and countless tributaries, this priceless territory is chock-full of various fish trophies and animal species, each one greater than the last. This is our territory, your territory, and we must consider ourselves privileged to benefit from such flora and fauna environments.  
However, this privilege comes with a duty to protect it, because it isn’t everlasting. To preserve the high quality of our natural habitats and lakes, many rules are established with the help of experts that analyze the specific characteristics of each species, in order to foster their spawning, coupling, breeding, mating, growth, survival, etc.
As hunting and/or fishing lovers, we can do a lot by making small and simple gestures.
We can follow the rules to the letter. For instance, when it is illegal to catch a specific species, whether you’re fishing or hunting, follow this interdiction out of respect for our wildlife and to ensure the survival of this species.
Disciplinary ‘’attitudes’’ are also beneficial, whether as a form of catch-and-release for fishing or with QDMA for hunting, and they should serve as examples to transform our next hunting/fishing trips into unforgettable memories.
These are 2 examples among many others, and each of us can make a difference.
Lastly, I regularly see pictures of endangered fish species that shouldn’t have been caught in the first place, and this is very sad. Unfortunately, some people with bad intentions play with the words used in the rules so they can target species threatened with extinction. These actions have negative impacts on fish species, as well as direct impacts on some rules when this abusive behaviour continue. New rules could actually interfere with the privileges of people who actually care for wildlife resources and play by the rules.
It is also our duty to share good practices and teach them to those who aren’t familiar with them.
Ladies and gentlemen, we can all make a difference. All it takes is discipline, and our territory will only improve.
I love nature, fishing, and hunting. These are my passions... and I wish to enjoy them all my life… if we work towards the same goal, we can have a direct impact on the health and quality of these sports.

by Mathieu Dansereau
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